NDT Workshop

The NDT Workshop is capable of implementing and setting-up Non Destructive Testing on Aircraft/Aircraft Components, employing the leading techniques as X-Ray, Ultra-Sound, Eddy-Current, Penetrants, and Magnetic Particles. The NDT Workshop performs metrological verification, employing the available secondary stands. Physical tests on materials are carried out, employing the available equipment. The workshop is also equipped with a variety of fiber-optic and endoscope sets, which are widely employed for diagnostic activity on aircraft airframe/components and engines.

The work area is equipped with

  • X-Ray equipment, including automatic film processor; 
  • Ultrasonic equipment; 
  • Eddy-Current equipment; 
  • Magnetic Particles bench; 
  • Penetrant Process;
  • Rigid and Flexible Boroscopes with photo and video recording capabilities; 
  • Ultrasonic Thickness gages; 
  • Microscope;
  • A wide availability of Ultrasonic and Eddy-Current probes with peculiar shape and performance, as well as a wide variety of reference standards and peculiar specimens, simulating typical defects affecting the aircraft airframe or the aircraft components;
  • Pressure gauges (Dead weight) Test Bench; 
  • Torque wrenches Test Bench; 
  • Durometers; 
  • Engine Oil Test Kit; 
  • Hydraulic Fluid Test Kit.