Avionics Workshop

In Our Avionics Workshop we are able to carry out overhauls, restorations, modifications, calibrations, repairs and functional tests of equipment. The work area is organized in individual workstations.

Our Avionics Team, equipped with dedicated testers and automated systems, which fulfill the manufacturer requirements in accordance with EASA regulations, gives full support for the following main components and related system up to Level 3 full overhaul:

Communications Instruments Electrical and Batteries Automatic Test Equipment 
VHF transceivers
VOR/ILS receivers
ADF receivers
DME interrogators
Radio Altimeters
Weather Radar
NAV/COM panels
AOA sensors
FDR overhaul
FDR readout
Cockpit Instruments
Speed sensors
Pitot Tubes
Measure Instruments
A/C lighting system.
All kind of batteries.
Relay, Contactors, Sensors, Detectors.
Cabin Pressure/Temp. Controller.
Antiskid Control Units.
Galley components.
Wiring refurbishment.
IRIS 2000.
CMA 900 FMS test set (CMC Electronics)
QAR (Teledyne)
Cabin Pressure Controller
Air Data Test System (Honeywell)
Weather Radar Test Set (Collins)

See our Capability List.