EASA examinations

Meridiana Maintenance Training Division is an approved provider of EASA Electronic exams.

Exam Code Exam Title Class Room Training WBT web base training
E.1702-21.001 Part-21 - General overview
E.1702-21G.001 Production Organisation Approval
E.1702-21J.001 Design Organisation Approval
E.2042-001 Continuing Airworthiness - General
E.2042-145.001 Part-145 - General overview
E.2042-145.002 Part-145 - Detailed
E.2042-147.001 Part-147 - General overview
E.2042-147.002 Part-147 - Detailed
E.2042-66.001 Part-66 - General overview
E.2042-66.002 Part-66 - Detailed
E.2042-M.001 Part-M - General overview
E.2042-M.002 Part-M - Commercial Air Transport
E.2042-M.003 Part-M - Non-Commercial Air Transport
E.2042-M.004 Part-M - Maintenance (Sub-part F)
E.216-001 Basic Regulation - General overview

Please note there is no relationship between this e-examination and the examinations foreseen under Part 147 / Part 66 or JAR FCL.