Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) Services

We offer a high-quality Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) service that allows our customers to maximise their engine and aircraft productivity. We are happy to customize our support to the customers’ requirements and offer a custom-tailored ECM service.

Considering the particular attention that our power plant engineers give to the condition monitoring, to the troubleshooting of the engines and the their long knowledge gained in the ETOPS experience, we can proudly affirm that Meridiana Maintenance has a point of excellence in the ECM activity.

We are able to perform the Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) with several tools, depending on the engine model. In order to complete the ECM process, also the oil consumption is monitored.

Meridiana Maintenance Engineering supplies Customer with:

  • A prompt alert if the trends show significant shift
  • A weekly report of the trend plots for the aircraft