IFE System Upgrade and Installation

Whether you want to transform your aircraft into a state-of-the-art entertainment centre, or you want to upgrade your entertainment system to play high definition television or even blue-ray movies, our dedicated team can offer you the solution that best fit your needs.

We can install just above any In-Flight Entertainment System (IFES) into your aircraft.
We proudly offer you the best and complete solution for IFES installations and upgrades.

Our highly experienced IFES engineers will assist you with the whole IFES retrofit process, from the identification of the entertainment solution nearest to your requirements, through to qualification testing and certification and then onto final aircraft installation.

Our engineers maintain a continuous know-how on the latest entertainment technologies available on the worldwide market to offer you the solution with the highest trade-off between reliability, innovation and cost.

If you require IFES deletion for your aircraft, the dedicated and highly experienced IFES design team will assist you also in the IFES removal, with removal of SEB, PCU, SDU and harnesses as necessary to meet your needs.