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Top 4 attractive virtual reality games for players

After the success of Pokemon GO, there are many mobile games using virtual reality technology in the mobile game market to bring truly exciting experience for players. Check the following list of these AR games. And do not hesitate to check Top apk downloads at

1.  Ghostbusters World Mobile
To pursue the success of Pokemon Go published by Niantic in 2016, a similar AR-based game for mobile devices, named Ghostbusters World also was generated by developers of FourThirtyThree Inc. It is one of the few games which take advantage of the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to seek and collect ghosts in the entire world. The players take on the role of Ghostbuster and enter the real world to get the ghosts before it destroys our neighbourhood.
The gameplay of Ghostbusters World is quite simple: your main task is to swap your camera phone around to seek the specter when the AR regime is active (this can be more complicated in conditions of week light); and then to use a gun to catch the ghost and trap it in a container when you encounter a ghost on the world map. The players will receive experience bonuses for each captured ghost in order to upgrade their equipment, and collect the ghosts that are captured into their books.
2.  Monster Empire AR
The gameplay of Monster Empire AR combines turn-based role-playing fighting style using cards and Augmented reality technology. Like technology in Pokémon Go game, the one in Monster Empire AR also will check your location and then just stroll around your areas; you can scan for new monster cards and conquer them. After being conquered, they will become effective assistant in your squad. Furthermore, this mobile game will introduce Crystal Towers - a type of base where you can attack to steal new resources to build and create your own monster kingdom.
3.  The Walking Dead: Our World
Inspired by the famous television movie having same name, The Walking Dead: Our World will fill the world with zombies. The mission of players is to seek and destroy them. In order to do that, your gameplay of the Walking Dead: Our World will be quite similar to the one of Pokemon Go, the developers have used Apple's ARKit toolkit and ARCore for development. Moreover, the Google Maps engine is also incorporated to give the player the most accurate location on the map. You can enjoy this game on both Android and iOS platforms now.
4.  Clash & GO
Thanks to using Augmented Reality (AR), Clash & GO allows the players to access and even capture the virtual city of other players on their adventure journey. Joining this game, the players can build a city in a familiar style; and can also seek opponents freely by using virtual reality technology. Clash & GO provides the virtual reality map (built basing on the one of Pokemon GO) that allows the players wander around the city and find more types of equipment, resources and rewards to build more cities. 
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